Social Responsibility

03 2월 Hondulas Amapala Children Center

Construction of community center for the urban poor and resident empowerment project in Honduras 커뮤니티 센터 및 위생시설 건축을 통해 아마팔라시 도시빈민 및 취약계층의 삶의 향상에 목표를 둔다.   Location: Bo El Centro, Amapala, Valle, Honduras Period: 2015 Client: Amapala local government Stage: Completion Project Area: 1,258.0 m2  ...

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22 1월 Sungsu-dong Community Center Renovation

This project aims at increasing accessibility of public facilities in the regional government office for as many residents as possible to be able to use them. 성수동 주민들의 공공시설의 이용 증가를 목표로 한다.   Location: Seoul, Korea Period: 2015 Client: Sungsu-dong community center Stage: Completion Project Area: 132 m2...

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