mlnp architects

mlnp architects is a Seoul and London based group of architects, designers and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urban design and research. The practice is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America and our works around the world insist on intelligent approach which inventing new possibilities on each specific context. mlnp pursues a fascination for radical and experimental design research focusing on the urban landscape, the public realm, and the influence of architecture on the everyday lives of its users. We operate contemporary practice where emphasizing not only a formal agenda but performance related to program, organization, constraints and client’s aspirations. mlnp approach to spatial vision in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape, with a strong focus on the social and environmental integration through process, for all scales of project ranging from objects to urban development, is deeply collaborative.

Myung Ho Lee


Founding Principal & President, mlnp architects

영국왕립건축가, 엠엘앤피 아키텍트 대표, 명지대학교 건측대학 겸임교수, 서울시 공공건축가


Myung Ho Lee is the founding principal and president of mlnp architects, where he leads the design of all projects. He holds Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from University of Seoul and AA Diploma from Architectural Association School of Architecture, in London. Prior to mlnp, He was working for KPF, RMJM and Zaha Hadid in London with which he was associated architect for more than seven years. He is a frequent contributor to architectural academy. He had been a Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University and an Adjunct Professor at University of Seoul, and currently has been at Myongji University. He lectures frequently in universities and symposiums around the world. He is a registered Architect in the UK and the Chartered Member of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects).

Euijin Park


Principal architect, mlnp architects

한국건축사, 엠엘앤피 아키텍트 소장


Euijin Park is the principal architect of mlnp architects. He holds Bachelor of Architecture from Hongik University. Prior to mlnp, He was working for Doojin Hwang Architects, Seoul Design Forum, Joongwon Architects in Seoul. He is a registered Architect in Korea and the Member of KIRA (Korea Institute of registered Architects.).


Myungjin Lee

M.Sc., B.Arch

Project Manager, mlnp architects


Cityfoerster, Whitespace, 삼우종합건축사사무소 등에서 근무.

Berlage Institute, 한양대학교 졸업.


Joohyang Kim


Project Manager, mlnp architects


희림종합건축사사무소, 국립중앙의료원 등에서 근무.

아주대학교 졸업.


Taekyoung Kim


Project Manager, mlnp architects


토문건축사사무소에서 근무.

청주대학교 졸업.


Woosung Joe

M.Sc., B.Arch

Project Manager, mlnp architects


서울 매스스터디스, 런던 LUD Studio 등에서 근무.

델프트 공과대학교, 한양대학교 졸업.


Chaelin Kim


Assistant Architect, mlnp architects


Theeae Architects, HK 등에서 근무.

동국대학교 졸업.


Jonghyun Lee


Intern, mlnp architects


희림종합건축사사무소 등에서 인턴근무.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 재학중.


Sujin Choi


Intern, mlnp architects


소재건축 등에서 인턴근무.

서울과학기술대학교 재학중.