클랑 워터프런트 마스터플랜


Klang, Malaysia


2012- TBC


Majlis Perbandaran Klang


Design concept – On going

Project Area


About This Project

Tanjung Harapan Masterplan is a proposal about city development direction for Tanjung Harapan harbor of Klang city. With water purification project of Klang river, we propose a 3,170,000 m2 complex city for thirty thousands of people and cruise terminal at Tanjung Harapan which is juctional area between sea and river. Preserve existing natural conditions, LRT(Light Rail Transit) and urban multi-level street are proposed to connect cruise terminal and Harapan downtown.

Al Najm Klang will represent a new change of Klang city. In 400 meters-high Tower top of Al Najm Klang, city observatory and Islam temple are located. If this proposal is completed as a complex facilities with Hotel, theatre and shopping mall in lower part, it will be a new symbolic architecture of Malaysia.